Monday, 12 November 2012

Our First Clubbing Experience!

I'd never realised how turned on I would get watching my wife behave like a slut with another man. To be honest it's not really the sort of thing you give a lot of thought to. My wife had always been meeting up with friends and going clubbing she'd always done it and had made clear that she didn't really want to stop. It had always been something she had done separately. Normally I would go to the pub with friends after football. She always says that it's not about the drinking she just loves to dance. I quite innocently used to encourage her to go as it was something she loves doing. Then one evening after meeting with some mates for a drink we made the unusual step to hit a club. It was my best mates 30th so I couldn't say no. We entered the club to be confronted by the usual noise, smells and visions of gyrating bodies and girls in incredibly revealing dresses. As is pretty typical for a group of thirty something men we grabbed a drink and stood to the side of the dancefloor. As I looked about I suddenly noticed my wife in the middle of the floor she was wearing by far the shortest dress in the club! A very very small black number not only was it very short but it appeared to have ridden up revealing her entire arse! It didn't appear that she had anything on under it. The reason it had ridden up was there was a young boy grinding into her with his hands on her hips pulling it up! Not only that but one of his friends was in front of her, kissing her passionately with his hand down the front of her dress.
Now I know the correct reaction should have been to stride over and pull her away from them but instead I was rooted to the spot. Mainly because I had the biggest erection lol. I stood there watching the show appreciating what an amazing sexy woman my wife is and knowing that whatever goes on in the club she always always comes home to me. This was really the foundation of the lifestyle we choose to lead now!

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  1. Sweet, thanks for sharing that! Loved reading how how a good thing can develop from there.