Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sending Her Out On The Town!

There's nothing I like more than watching my super sexy hot wife get ready for a night on the town! I sometimes wonder to myself." Is it wrong that I'm encouraging her to dress more stutishly????" Then I think hey if it gets me this turned on it cant be that bad! I love watching her in the bath shaving her sweet pussy mound and lavishing all sorts of attention on it. I find myself thinking how many young guys out there would love to lavish atattention upon it.
Then after she has bathed I like to watch her dress in whichever micro dress she has chosen. I can feel myself getting hard as I tell her not to bother with the bra and knickers. I walk up behind her and feel her soaking wet pussy lips. Knowing that she is so turned on by the fact that I want her to be bad. Then after she walks out of the door I am left on my own to imagine what she could be getting up to.
The feeling is mixed I find mself aroused by the prospect of what could happen but also sick to the bottom of m stomach that she might be having too good a time! I always wait up for her to get home to see what sort of a state she is in when she gets home.
I hope that if there is enough interest from people out there we can reccount some of our experiences for you.

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