Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Fantasy to reality!

Ok so we have this fantasy that is getting more and more real! It all started like I said when my wife mentioned during one of our many fucking sessions that she would love to get a few guys together or even one at a time and charge them to watch her put on the filthiest show for them! She got so turned on she was fucking me harder than she ever had before. Especially when I said that it wouldn't stop there! "What did I mean" she asked. "Well I said if you get really turned on and one of the guys walked over to you with his cock out you'd have to suck it wouldn't you?" Now it was my turn to get really turned on. Normally the thought of watching her sucking a guys dick or fucking someone is enough to get me so aroused. However now I was even more aroused at the thought that she would accept money for favours! This was a new turn up! I don't know if anyone else out there has experience of this but it really does make us both so horny! Please as always feel free to comment and we may even share more! Xxx

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